1. Do you want to increase revenue?

2. Is a sales tool that has helped secure millions in new revenue worth a small investment?

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We are the guys that did the original Star Service (Baton Rouge) video, then multiplied that effectiveness to Hays Service, Total Comfort, H. E. Neumann, Bachman, Vasey, United Mechanical, Donahue, and Campbell among others.

Most of these companies still use the film as we created it ten years ago - because it is still effective!

That is one hell of a return on investment.

Charting a new decade of sales-

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How One Customer Uses Its Film Brochure

1. As a pre-call introduction
2. As E-Mail link to prospective customers with phone follow thru
3. In introductory presentations integrated into customized PowerPoint presentations (video projector)
4. Laptop computer presentations
5. One-on-one
6. To groups and Trade Shows
7. Leave behind DVD after sales call to reach people not in meeting
8. Given or left for people that refuse to see the salesman (they will watch the video as a bargaining chip to avoid the first sales call)
9. To answer questions after meeting - by replay

Benefits to Your Sales Efforts
  • Reduces number of sales calls
  • Reduces time in sales calls by 20 to 30 minutes
  • Multiplies effectiveness of sales force
  • Standardizes presentation - makes sure same message is told to every client without fail
  • Brings top executives to every sales meeting (on video)
  • Shows inside attitude of your company
  • Shifts topic of meeting from "Can You Do It" to "What You can do for Client".
  • Makes You look like you are capable of handling any size job.
  • Improves Employee Morale
  • Focuses customer's attention
  • Illustrates you are a high tech company in all things
  • Provides rapid bonding and rapport to distant customers
  • Allows you to focus both commercial and industrial sales efforts with video specially for each separate market
  • Customers pass videos on to their friends and prospects you do not know- a new referral system!
The video does not make money - it helps good salesmen make more money.

What is High Def?

Click this YouTube clip to see the difference between standard and High Definition, using original Star Service clips and new clips from the Star HD film template.
Click full screen to maximize, ESC to reduce.

The picture is six times larger! A still frame from the film illustrates this difference in quality.
click for HD size picture
Click to see film frame at full 1920 size. Size comparison based on Full digital broadcast SD quality versus full digital HD quality. Note depth of colors, detail and contrast in HD picture. Your customers will see the quality too, and that translates into business.

When we customize a video, we make it look like yours and yours alone, we focus on your company identity - and your message. This keeps the customer focused on your quality service, and on the business at hand.
This film works, and we know it, because we have seen it

- build the confidence of the sales force

- standardize the sales message

- reduce sales calls and sales call time of company after company

- multiply your message over an entire workforce

And now with YouTube -

it can be delivered to any prospect at any time -

anywhere in the world!

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This is what we started with...
We can re-imagine your logo in 3-D!

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  • HVAC HD Preventive Maintenance film features Mike Miller (Star Service) as your HVAC Consultant Spokesman.
  • Opening custom 3-D animation of your company logo
  • Your company name throughout the narration
  • Your address, e-mail, web address and phone number(s)
  • Closing 3-D animation of your logo, with your company name, number, address, web address superimposed at end.
  • Uploaded as a YouTube HD film, for placement on your website
Conversion of video to Internet HD
Your YouTube account will let you analyze the viewer statistics, so you can keep a record of viewership.

Your film can be delivered on DVD as well, so you can show it in any sales situation or meeting where Internet is not available.

To help you with your budgeting we have developed a tiered system.

Level One  Basic program, logo and narration customization
Level Two   Logo, narration, company logos, location shooting
Level Three  Logos, narration, company logos in action, location shooting, one staff interview, one customer testimonial

Level One
  • We will place your name three times in the narration
  • Create 3-D opening and closing from your logo
  • Insert six shots of your logo, (We will use an actor, working in your company shirt and hat, for example) in the program.
  • This option does not include travel to your location or interviews.
Level Two
  • We will place your name nine times in the narration, and insert 12 shots of your logo, either on a shirt or hat, in the program.
  • One minute of script will be written about your company and added to the program in one segment. This could be about special services, awards, a description of your locations, or some other aspect of your business you want to highlight.
  • 3-D open and close.
  • If you provide us with professional video of your business, we will add it to the brochure in place of some of the 12 logo shots currently in the program. If you want to send us a shirt and hat, we will utilize an actor to represent your company. (slight extra fee for actor)
If you provide travel expenses to your location, we will shoot the film clips for you.

Customer testimonials are 1500.00 additional each.
Level Three

We will place your name at least twelve times in the narration, and insert 18 shots of your logo and company pictures in the program to make it look like your exclusive production.

You may have us travel to your location to get the shots (travel expenses not included in price).
One minute of script will be written about your company and added to the program in one block. This could be about special services, awards, a description of your locations, or some other aspect of your business you want to highlight. 3-D opening and closing.

This level allows for shooting two interviews; 1) a customer testimonial at their location and 2) a company officer at the HVAC office.

Six clips of your company president or spokesperson talking about your services will replace the Bob Work portion of the Star video.

Additional testimonials or company personnel (30-45 seconds finished) are 1000.00 each.

Travel, not included, is intended for one full day of shooting (fly in, one night stay, fly out). You may request our cameraman to remain on location additional days to get particular shots, but there may be a per diem incurred. Setup of equipment requires a certain amount of time. Travel to locations to show particular work should be well planned, to maximize time available.

Full Custom Level this is a completely new 8 minute version featuring your people exclusively, patterned after the Star Video. We will travel to your location, interview your principals and customers, and videotape your people and resources in action. The only additional cost is travel. You will own this film outright, and as such can make any changes you please.

This is the best long term investment and most effective use of sales media, and though it is more expensive in the short term, it's long term benefits are undeniable.


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