The HVAC 2016 Preventive Maintenance Film in HD

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One of the most successful business films ever made now fully re-created shot for shot in full HD. We will customize this for your company just like we did for United Mechanical, Donahue, Vasey and Campbell!

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Star Service was an 8 Million Dollar company in 1999; now they are at more than 30 million in annual maintenance, and 58 million overall. They credit their film with at least a part of their success over the last ten years. We have recreated this highly effective film in full HD.

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We have upgraded and recreated the original film to all HD digital cinema, for
  • YouTube style online streaming,
  • Blu-Ray and regular DVD,
  • Computers, and
  • I-Pad films, and
  • I-Phone and other phone-based movies.
  • Stills can be used in Print, & for Websites.

It is smart, streamlined and fully customized for your business and your locations.

(Also available in other languages. Ask for details!)

How does the film work?

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We introduced this sales power tool in 1999, and more than a dozen Link Members took advantage of it.

With this tool in their sales kit, one company managed to increase their maintenance base by millions of dollars a year, from 8 million in 1999 to over 33 million today. It does not sell for you, but it helps you sell better than any other factor.
  • Star Service (9 locations)
  • Campbell (2 locations)
  • Total Comfort AC (3 locations)
  • H. E. Neumann (3 locations)
  • Donahue
  • United Mechanical (4 locations)
  • Bachmann's
  • Hays
  • Vasey

and others!

- Now 8 minutes
- Your logos and people

- Your company names and animations

- A complete inside look for your customers and prospects at how you do business!
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